Geared up for the New Year?! As New Year resolution add these Face Care Tips to your face care regimen and rock the parties of 2018

Best Simple Beauty Tips for Bright Face

We have categorized the tips based on your tones of the skin. The different skin tones are oily skin, dry skin and combined skin

For Oily Skin Tones:

The common troubles faced are dull appearance due to the production of oil in the skin, rough skin with large open pores. This makes the skin greasy. Acne, blackheads, whiteheads are some of the common problems of this skin tone.

For this, we suggest the following tips;

  • Avoid junk oily food
  • Always keep your face clean, but don’t overdo this, as this might remove the moisture that is available in the skin
  • Add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your food diet

For Dry Skin Tones:

The common troubles in the dry skin tone are there maybe some flaky granulated sections around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Neglecting this could lead to wrinkles.

For this, we suggest the following tips;

  • Avoid using hot water during shower
  • Always apply moisturizer after shower
  • Use soft towel and dry using mild pat using the towel

For Combined Skin:

The combined skin tone type faces troubles of both oily and dry skin, depending on the weather.

For this, we suggest the following tips;

  • Always keep the face clean as this will prevent the build-up of oil clogging the skin pores avoiding any infection
  • Finding moisturizer can be a tough task as the degree of oil and dry varies. Once you find that perfect moisturizer never stop using it
  • Importantly, make sure you use the proper amount of moisturizer as this can differ according to the climatic conditions.

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