Spending huge amounts on shampoos and conditioners by getting carried away by the attractive endorsements for these products on television, internet etc, do not really help rejuvenate the hair and maintain healthy and strong hair. These advertisements are designed in such a way that they attract and influence huge number of audiences. They even tend to exaggerate on its results and uses. Traditional hair care and natural remedies can always do the needful and they serve to become excellent replacements for shampoos and conditioners without the threat of causing any side effects. Discussed below are a few natural hair care tips which help maintain strong and healthy hair.

  •         Conditioning using eggs

The eggs (including the yolk and the albumin) are greatly used in conditioning and moisturising the hair. Egg whites in particular, help making brittle hair strong and healthy. Mix half a cup of egg (both the white and yolk parts in an egg or specifically the white matter), beat it completely and apply it to your hair. Leave it undisturbed for at least twenty minutes and wash the hair with cold water. The hair develops a natural shine in the application of eggs as natural conditioners.

  •         Cleanliness

Dandruff and itchy, unclean scalp are the two main reasons for hair fall and hair damage. Therefore wash your hair at regular intervals and always maintain cleanliness.

  •         Limit the usage of hot water.

Using hot water during showers makes your hair brittle and weak. Hot water removes a wide range of protective oils which are present naturally in your hair. Hence consider using water with mild temperatures.

  •         Using bottle gourd.

Extract juices from bottle gourds, apply it to your hair and leave it undisturbed for at least thirty minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly using cold water. This greatly helps in strengthening your hair.

  •         Baking soda treatment.

Take 3 table spoons of baking soda and mix it well with water. Apply this mixture to your hair after the application of shampoo. Leave it undisturbed for a minimum of 5 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly using cold water. This baking soda therapy greatly helps in the removal of additional shampoo and hair styling products which remain behind even after shampooing.

  •         Vinegar for fluffy, bouncy hair.

Mix apple cider vinegar with warm water and apply this concoction to your hair and rinse it thoroughly after five minutes. The cider vinegar has a strong smell. Thus make sure you clean your hair thoroughly after applying this mixture. This helps in acquiring bouncy, shiny and fluffy hair with greater volumes.

  •         Avoid washing your hair frequently.

Wash your hair once in 3 days. This highly helps in the regulation of natural oils present in the hair and also aids in maintaining your hair’s original volume and texture. Thus avoid washing your hair daily or frequently.

  •         Lemon juice to get rid of dull hair.

After the application of shampoo, apply one table spoon of lemon juice to your hair. Dry your hair using a towel (do not wash it) and thus easily get rid of dull and dry hair.    

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