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As far as fashion is concerned, every teenager would hardly have an idea of who they are and felt secure in just blending in as part of everyone else around them. As the years’ pass, some realise that they should have been more courageous when it comes to crossing line and doing things on their own without the worry of what others would think. Below is a set of genuine tips on fashion and beauty that would be helpful to render to a teenager.

Genuine Beauty and Fashion Tips from Grown-ups

Do not pursue a style

Teens are not an age for girls to follow a specific trend. Instead, one’s style of clothes that are comfortable to wear according to one’s body type is essential. Such a choice will allow one to be less conscious and more confident. Wearing contrasting colours and style might be clashing, but it is much better than wearing clothes in a much more coordinated way as it can seem dull. Styling is all about standing out in a crowd with no fear of show-off.

Maintenance of Eyebrows

The vitality of maintaining the shape and thickness of the eyebrow as it defines the face and considered as the window to one’s soul. It is only after several trial and error one can perfect the shape of the brow in accordance with the shape of one’s face and eyes. Intended care must be taken to not over-pluck the eyebrows as it might take a long time to grow back.

Caring for one’s Jeans

It is always tough to see properly fitted jeans fade due to no proper washing techniques. It is essential to make sure that the jeans are turned inside out before washing to let it last longer in both colour and durability.

Nail and Skin Health is essential

Keeping Nails Manicured

Every part of the body requires it to be well-maintained. Similar are nails. They need a manicure, a process of caring for the nails but frequent polishing of nails is not good as they make nails go very fragile and bound to breakage. It is also essential to make sure that the cuticles are shown some care by using castor oil.

Routine care for skin

Scheduled care is a must for the skin to fight against all dust and pollution that can lead to acne. Unless the skincare routine is followed from a much younger age, the surface will not stay flawless forever. Hormonal changes and stress will also affect the skin’s health, and thus constant moisturising is required.

Essential care such as washing off makeup at the end of the day, making sure sunscreen is applied before walking into direct sun and from time-to-time investing on suitable clothing of one’s choice becomes a must.

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