Some Trendy Hairstyles For TeensWhat about looking trendy on your prom night, have you decided the hairstyle you will do? If not then take a look at the suggestions I mention below. Do a ponytail, first damp your hair and blow it dry using a round brush. Go for a flat iron for sleekness, and gather top three-quarters of hair into a pony. Secure those using hooked elastic and wrap a small piece of hair around the base to cover it. Finally, brush all the left over hairs together and blend them in a seamless cascade. You can also go for the Roman ponytail. It is very simple. Comb your entire hair into a sleep ponytail at the crown of your head.

Hairstyles For TeensTie the silk chord along the length of your pony. Tie the chord in a criss-cross manner. In the end, tie the chord. You can go for the sleek twist hairstyle. Blow dry your hair and apply anti-frizz cream. Continue splitting your hair into pigtails. Then begin twisting both sides starting right from the temple. Keep twisting till you reach the nape of your neck and finally use bobby pins to secure them at the back of your head. This hairstyle is very elegant plus comfortable. It is easy to do and carry on. It does not require any special effort, and you can do it at home.

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  1. Today its a trend of pony tail and I love it. Earlier during my college days I had the same craziness and now it a continuation..!!Hahahah

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