Youth comes, but once in a lifetime – H.W. Longfellow

Ever the cynosure of all eyes, teenage years are the right time to experiment with looks and style. With abundant cute and easy hairstyles offered by stylists, teenagers of both genders can easily try them out without spending too much time on mane. Adding a dash of color by streaking a few locks not only adds glitz to the looks but also heightens the fashion quotient.

Maintaining the natural looks by cutting it just right is a passé. Coloring, straightening, curling and experimenting with the texture of the hair, though may harm the hair follicles, can be tried out without much hassle.

Eye-Catching Teenage HairstylesLong, medium or short hairs can be cut in innumerable ways to create new looks daily. Tying the cut hair in different styles makes the person the cynosure of all eyes, wherever they go.


From a clean-shaven scalp to frizzy hair colored in different tones, left wild, the freedom of self-expression in the teenage years is simply outrageous. Attention from the opposite gender too matters a lot. From having a well-toned body to choosing the right attires that enhance the charm of the hair, physical looks and attitude matter the most. A flattering haircut with cute accessories that can be done without too much expense is indeed ideal for those high-testosterone years.

  1. Teenagers are always on the look out for exciting trends and changing hairstyles often has become a fad.

  2. Teenage is the time when we are curious about such stuffs, I also have been a eye catcher in my college days. Miss those beautiful days badly..!!

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