Being updated with fashion also includes analyzing in and out of trending styles. We are providing some basic simple Fashion Style Tips in this article. This new year try all of the tricks/tips.

Fashion Tricks and Tips to make Style Statement

Here are some tips and tricks,

Make Outfit Look Great:

The three pieces that could make any outfit look great are a pair of sunglasses – preferably black as this could go with any color of your outfit, a cute, gorgeous leather handbag, a pair of comfortable shoes that you walk comfortably.

Bright Colour Lipsticks and Accessories:

Bright Colours are always on the fashion menu. If you are afraid to use them as dress color, then try using them in lipsticks and accessories. Remember, how red lipstick took the fashion industry by storm. You can also try it with any accessories like cuff, bracelet.

Big Earrings:

Oversized Earrings are always on the trends. You can match it with a scarf around your neck or can roll it tie it around your head.

Toe Pumps:

The only shoes we suggest you buy more with different colors and patterns are toe pointed pumps, as this will go with any outfit. Neutral Colour pumps can suit any color of costumes.


Belt it up for the more fashionable look to your outfit. Add textured, embellished or bright color belt is a quick way to enhance that casual look.

Prints in Outfits:

Always choose your outfits with only two prints. Never allow the third print in your outfit as this will make the outfits messy.

Wardrobe full of Designer Clothes:

Do not buy designer clothes more than necessary. It is suggested to have only 20 core items in your wardrobe.


Bracelet, Necklace, Rings – these are the accessories that could make any casual outfit look elegant. You can wear this to work.

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