Everyone wants their hair to look voluminous. Here are some professional hair tips for blow drying and shampooing your hair. For volume you have to first start with shampoo. Use a rinse that does not weigh down your hair. When it comes to shaping your hair after wash, it is best to use your hair and brush. After shampoo it is advised to blow dry your hair to remove the moisture residue from your hair. Before using a blow dryer it is advised to administer heat protectant. There are two types of heat protectant that can be used before using a curling iron or hair straightener. The protectant provides additional heat hold. There is mousse and spray available. The former creates bounce when applied from the root portion.

Hair styling tips– Hair straightening

Use brush before straightening, ensure the brush comes with natural bristles. The brush should be able to remove the hairspray or the mousse residue. Brushing relaxes your hair and makes the hair straightening process easier.

Despite straightening your hair it tends to bounce back to its original state. Professionals take up the responsibility to prevent this from happening. The trick here is not to straighten small strands of hair at the same time. If the strands are too thick or wide the hair will come back to its natural state. With the help of a comb, straighten your hair about 2 inch strand at a time. It is advised to straight three passages using flat iron. Comb is one of the most vital styling tool that facilitates overheated hair to fall over. Running the comb a couple of times over the hair can leave your hair straight for long.

Hair curling tips

  •         You can either use a small or large diameter curling iron to get the desired results. With the help of small diameter it is easy to create springiness at the end of your hair. On the contrary large curling iron provides falling wave like curls.
  •         Using a lot of hair curling mousse helps in providing great results. Always use the mousse generously through the hair, right from the back to the front. The more the curling mousse is used on the hair the better and beautiful are the curls.
  •         For uniform curls roll the hair strands onto the curlers in a particular direction to make it look organized.
  •         For casual looking curls, roll your hair onto the curler in any direction if you are looking for tousled curls. If you do not want the curls to fall all over your face, roll up on the side or front of the hair. Another valuable tip would be to ensure the rolled strands are widen at the ends and slightly smaller.
  •         Blow drying does not ruin the curls. Ensure the diffuser attachment is used mildly so that the curls are not distorted during blow drying.
  •         When you do not have styling tools paper wipe comes handy. The wipe can be folded to be used as a soft roller. A small strand is taken and rolled into the middle of the paper wipe. The ends are twisted and knotted at the end together. This way the hairstyle can be completed within no time.

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