We understand how hard it is to maintain hair. With harsh winter season and the end of the year party season is around the corner, the hair gets more damage creating dandruff, frizzy hair, etc. But do not worry. We are here to provide you with some hair care and styling tips.

Hair Styling and Care tips for Damaged Hair

Here are some best care and styling tips for your damaged hair.

Understand the weather:

First, evaluate and understand what this weather is doing to your hair. Understand the damages it is creating to your hair. During winter, the less moisture in the hair scalp can damage hair. If you understand this, you can fight it by using a moisturizing shampoo along with the conditioner.

Do not frequently Shampoo:

Do not use shampoo frequently if you have damaged hair. Shampoo with less frequency would help the damaged hair to repair. We also suggest use conditioner after the shower and skip the shampoo. Use shampoo two times a week during the winter season. Use botanical ingredients infused shampoos. Massaging the scalp can help the blood circulation which would help to heal the damaged hair.

Damaged Wet Hair Care:

Do not towel your wet hair vigorously as the towel will absorb the moisture in your hair. Try leave-in conditioner and using a tooth-wide comb, comb damp hair. Hold the root of the hair while combing.

Avoid Hot Water Shower:

Yes, it is relaxing to shower in hot water in this winter season. But avoid it. Always prefer lukewarm water to wash your hair. Hot water might damage your hair by making it dry.

Hair Cut or Trim:

A haircut or a trim could also prevent damage hair. After a haircut, if proper hair care followed then it is easy to repair the damaged hair.

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