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Refreshing your style of make-up has become a prime part of every woman’s life for the make-up style changes every season. 2019 has witnessed many amazing trends and has also inspired thousands of women globally. The trends were the return of classic autumnal but with a modern twist. Let’s take a look at the trendiest make-up of 2018.

A little Subtle Glitter for your eyes

This is one of the trendiest fashions inspired by the always popular Euphoria. A little glitter make-up on your eyes suits perfect for all occasions. But if you do not want it to be stretched all way to your eyes, a subtle glitter on your lashes or lashline will do the job.

Smoky Liner to give the smoky effect

Your eyes play a very prime role in enhancing your look. If you got those tiny cute eyes, stress not. The smoky make-up will enlarge your eyes and will also make it look bold. They are the best alternative if you got no space to work out the Subtle Glitter effect. Try mixing the gunmetal shadows and black to add more depth in your eye make-up.

Blood Orange replaces the blood-red

Gone are the days of bloody red look. It’s time to add a twist to your lips with a shade of bloody orange. It amazingly presents a monochromatic look and is perfect for all occasions. It keeps the appearance limited as not too bold or too timid. The only thing to keep in mind while applying this shade is to keep the shade in the limit as overdoing it can spoil the whole look.

Tipsy tip – Try blending a shadow of orange along with the same color lip shade in your palette and brush it across your cheeks. Voila, you are now ready to rock the red carpet look.

Remember, Dark is Beautiful

The dark color lip glosses are back with a bang. Surprisingly it’s not black but brown this time. The brown shade is very versatile and it presents with unlimited variations. You can also try out the dark brown shade or just a light hue of brown. No matter what hues of shade, you still will rock you look.

Apart from all the lipsticks and Kajol’s, eye shadows are known to be the trendiest. Just sprinkle those unused bright colors in your palette and paint it in your eyelids. No doubt, you will rock the occasion. But make sure you perfectly balance it with dark black colored kohl and eyeliner.

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