Representing Spring Makeup displayed in two variations.

Sorry for all the muted make-up people, it’s time to keep your make-up a bit low this spring. This time it is all about playing, experimenting and having fun with mix and match colors like that of the bright neon’s, pigmented shades, glossy textures and loads of sparkles. Take a look at few of the stylishly trendiest make-up of 2020.

All that Glitters for the eyes

The Glitters are back with a bang this time and is sure to last long. They bring out the beauty of the eyes in its fullest form and also they give you a cute look.

Tipsy tip – To get those glittery look, rim eyes with the black colored kohl liner. The more you smudge, the better is the result. Now is the final step. Tap some glitters under your eyes but do not overdo it. Just a little tapping will complete the job.

Try out the funky Neon Cat Eyes

Crazy about cat eyes? It’s time to use the unused colors of your palette. It presents an extra stylish and bold look. Just make sure you do not apply the black colored liner. Instead, switch to the neon color liner to complete the cat-eye look.

Tipsy tip – Bright colors are perfect for neon make-up. The best of all the colors is the bright green. Line your eyes with the bright green pencil and draw a winged thick look.

Bloody Red always are classic

Red lipsticks are those trends that never fade its sparkle. It somehow makes its way to top the trend list. This time it is back with a red cherry lipstick with no extra gloss but just a plain soft shade of cherry red.

White Liner making its new entry

Yes, indeed, white eyeliners are slowly gaining their place in the make-up world. It presents a naturally fresh and fun look changing you completely from a shy person to a party lover. This white liner is perfect for those who do not want to experiment with the neon colors. It serves the perfect alternative for the neon colors. Also, it is very easy and simple to use. Just apply a thick white creamy liner on your lid and be ready to rock the world outside.

Make sure to apply loads and loads of gloss because the main highlight is the glossy effect. Tap it on your cheekbones, lids, Nose Bridge and of course the eyes. Hence be fully make-up loaded for 2020.

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