The Past Is Back To HauntFashion keeps changing and in fact they do come back. This is the same with coronet hairstyles. It was a fashion in the forties and commonly found to be the style statement of the upper class. Most women sported them. This hairdo is easy to follow. The front is parted in the middle and brushed following which the hair is braided and then wound back on the head. This looks like a crown or a coronet and hence the name. This is the right style if you have long hair and though it was the style of the forties, it is definitely back to haunt.


The Past Is BackCoronet hairstyles are still good and especially side tiaras that are the favorite of most of the brides. Add your imagination to this and you can come up with innovative hairstyles that will set the stage on fire. Talk to a professional to get the right appeal to your hairstyle. If you want them to create a tiara for you, the first option will be to check out if you have an heirloom. If you do not have one, check out some precious and semi precious tiaras that are available in pearls, gemstones, and even diamonds. If none works out, even a flower tiara could do wonders.

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  1. Fashion always have a rotation, you would have witnessed it many times. The old fashions are coming back and the people are loving it!!

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