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Looking great is one of the toughest jobs on earth. The first step involves selecting dresses according to your style and tone and most importantly that fits the body. But that does not mean you randomly select any dress and fill your wardrobe. Only those dresses should fill your wardrobe space that perfectly complements your look. Apart from your dresses, make sure you load it with the accessories as well to complete your look. Let’s take a quick look at how to dress beautifully.

Determine the shape of your body

Not everyone is same and each has their unique body shape. The bodies of the women are classified into straight, apple, pear, hourglass and inverted triangle. To know which category you belong, measure around the chest’s fullest part, the waist’s smallest part, and the hip’s widest part. Finally rank your hip, bust, and waist from the largest to the smallest measurements.

  • A pear-shaped body is in which your waist and bust are small when compared to hips.
  • If the bust is large when compared to hips and waist, it is an inverted triangle.
  • A rectangle shape is the one in which the waist, bust and the hip are of the same size.
  • If the waist is much wider when compared to hips and bust, then it is apple shape.
  • If the waist is small than your hips and bust, then it is the Hourglass shape.

Opt for the Dress that suits and fits you perfectly

Do not buy a dress just because you have to or if it is for sale. There’s no use of buying a dress if it is too loose, big, small or short. It is better to spend a penny more and buy a well-fitting dress than buying a dress which would make one look odd and uncomfortable. Once you know which category of the shape you belong to, buy it accordingly.

Wear Colors that suits your tone

The tone of your skin falls into three categories, they are warm, cool and neutral. The warm-colored toned people will look amazing in oranges, reds, and yellows. The cool tones go well with blues, green, purple, pinks, and silver. Neutral tones are those people who look great in any colors. The neutral tones can choose any shades but it must be of medium shades and must avoid pastels.

Building Stylish Outfits

Buy dresses that are stylish and trendy. But at the same time make sure it suits and looks great on you. Do not go for any outdated designs as it will affect your whole look.

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