Good lucks are not the only necessity which aids in carrying you better, but it is equally important to take serious care of your skin and hair. Some cosmetic products that are sold in the market cause various side effects. Thus you have to make sure you buy best quality products that will not cause any damage to your skin and hair. The following are some of the makeup and hair tips which will help you pull off perfect looks in the easiest ways.

  •         Initially, decide on the cosmetic products which render best results for your skin and hair. Eye shadow palettes are not only used to beautify eyes and eyelids but are widely used for other purposes as well. While applying primers or foundations, mix them at equal proportions, for on oily or watery skin foundations and primers which are not mixed in the same proportions may not blind well. Apply primers around your eyes to remove all black heads and dark circles that are present. Use your hands to have at most coverage on all parts of your face while applying foundations. Use foundation brushes to apply primers when you wish to cover all parts of your skin.
  •         Apply all foundations in a downward direction, because when you try to apply these primers in the opposite direction it may tend to disturb the facial hairs and thus results in an odd look with the hairs misplaced awkwardly. Most of the people apply concealers in circular random motions. But it is highly advisable to apply concealers in conical patterns. Apply concealers below the eyes smoothly. They can also be applied on the sides of the nose to get complete looks.
  •         When you are late for work or when you run out of time, you can probably apply small amounts of concealers to your eyes, mouth and nose which is greatly enough to help you carry good looks for the entire day. In general there are two kinds of powders, namely loose powder and pressed powder. These powders will render matte finish. Know the use of all powders and use the ones which are appropriate for your skin tone and face. You can use loose powder when you travel for long hours at work. These powders come in tinted and translucent kinds. If you wish to hold your make up for longer hours, it is advisable to use translucent powders. This will not cause any damage to the foundation and concealer you have applied before. You can use pressed powder when you have restricted hours to apply makeup. It is important to you use the right applicators to get excellent results. Particularly when you use powders it is highly essential to use the right brushes. It is advisable to use the fluffiest brushes to get your desired results.
  •         Many people will have difficulties in drawing straight lines. Thus when you are applying eyeliners it is advisable to draw dotted lines on your eyes first and then later join it. If you want your kajal to stay for long hours without smudging, you can probably apply some eye shadow when you are done.    

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