Different Celebrity Hair Styles

Celebrity hairstyle is one of the frequently discussed topics among the beauty/fashion conscious people. People see what kind of hairstyle their favorite actors or heroes have, and they simply try to copy them. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular celebrity hairstyles in the recent times.

In the recent Grammy award ceremony, Katy Perry looked different and unique with her new pastel purple hair. However, in some angle, she looked a kind of witch that we usually see in comics. Nicole Kidman recently had a lob hairstyle, which made her look much younger. Behati Prinsloo turned herself much younger and cute by adding some layered bangs that extended just under her eyebrows. The popular model Brooklyn Decker, who is usually known for her long hairs, had a bob cut. Mindy Kaling, who is usually identified with her dark colored hair, had an ombre hairstyle and thus transforming herself into a blonde.

Different Celebrity Hair Styles2Popular American fashion designer, Nicole Richie, who is known for coloring her hair, this colored her in a turquoise shade. With turquoise shade, she looked somewhat like a cartoon character. Nevertheless, she looked confident and bold.

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  1. Good to know about various celebrity hairstyles! Can anyone tell the hairstyle of scarlet Johansson? I am a big fan of her.

  2. Its too interesting to know the names of different hairstyles. Being a busy girl, I hardly get time for such womanly stuffs.

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