The new facet that has been brought in by automation has set rapidness in numerous industries to incorporate Collaborative Robots. The flexibility and cost saving methodology is setting new grounds for already established brands and startups in the field of technology. The major difference between industrial heavy-duty robots and collaborative robots is Cobots and humans share their workspace by working hand-in-hand expanding the business competences and volumes. SMEs find improved technology in collaborative Robots an added advantage in helping businesses expand their territories with less human effort.

Impact of BIS Research on Cobot Arms

BIS Research has published a market report on how collaborative robots manufacturing companies has wedged many industries right from locomotive, Power based industries, Plastic and Copolymer industries, apothecary & chemistry, F&B, Defense, Aerospace, machinery and metal industries. Even businesses such as Hospitality, baking and sports collaborate the use of Cobot Arms for numerous applications and uses.

  • Locomotive industry

The Collaborative robots aim in providing safety values to factories helping them avoid the use of expensive security features. This in turn helps save so much of the factory ground space by integrating these Cobot Arms in applications like raw material management, welding, assembly and disassembly of machines, machine treatment, painting, etc.

  • Power based Industry

With the capacity to tender delicate and minute electronic elements, Cobot Arms are popular in all electrical and semiconductor industries for management of unified resistors, transistors, diodes and circuits with great skills and accuracy, professionally and essentially.

  • Plastic and Pharma industries

Industry rigorous and recurring tasks such as piling, cataloging and assemblage are the main functions that Collaborative robots manufacturing companies aim for plastic and copolymer industries. In Pharma the Cobot Arms are used for cell cultivation and allocation, sample testing, categorization, topping up, dispensing, and tagging. Apart from these functionalities Collaborative robots can also be used for data saving and storage, assortment and understanding of the data collected. For more information about cobots Arms check here.

Role of Cobots Arms in Diverse Industries

Images of cobots used in different industries

Due to rapidness in manufacturing and the accuracy in processing required in the F&B Industry; a Cobot’s demand increases overall. It is a similar case when it comes to Defense industry too. The monotony of work by humans are in need to be replaced by that of Cobot Arms to have betterment in their working efficacy in both aerospace and defense industry

As mentioned earlier, the huge industrial robots are to be replaced by that of Collaborative Robots who work in par with humans. Their simplicity in application and their cost efficient nature will be the keys in wanting to have collaborative robots as part of metal and processing industry in the coming future.

Finally, there are other industries like Hospitality, baking etc., that welcome the new age technology of using Cobot Arms right from their budding level with its advantages being the sole reason for their business growth. Better competence in productivity and cost will be the benefits that will accompany the business in the coming years.

Cobot Arms Reinventing the concept of Beauty Industry

Cobots Arms used in the beauty industry for massaging like human.

Groundbreaking changes seem to be taking over the whole of Fashion and Beauty Industry when it comes to Collaborative Robots. Collaborative robots manufacturing companies intend to make Cobot Arms as a major part in the beauty industry. Robots seem to be associating themselves with Fashion too in the recent past, right from doing embroidery to helping with makeup. They have shown themselves as strong, efficient and they come with a commendable ease when it comes to usage. In India the thirst for technological improvement by enhancing efficiency, protection and creativity is always present.

The desire to have collaboration between humans and robots can only be fulfilled by Cobot Arms. A whole lot of activities and applications can be managed with the aid of collaborative robot due to their litheness, convenient and easily movable. They provide a right hand support in doing work that are accurate, monotonous and sometimes lethal.

During the process of film production, Cobot Arms can do wonders. The amount of time and money spent by a makeup person is completely neglected and the same look can be maintained the same every day during the shoot. Thus Cobot’s future in the field of beauty and makeup is considerably high both is quality and safety.

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