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SEO Tips For Your Food Blog

google-seo-tipsTo increase the number of visitors to an online page, it must first be found. On the internet search engines explore through millions of content to come up with the best and most relevant solutions to queries. In order to be found the blog must pass through search algorithms to make a perfect fit and only then will it be ranked among the top best results. Most searchers click on the very first 5 content suggestions that come up on the first page of the search result. This applies to all content on the internet. No one is going to the 10th page to find what they are looking for, why the tenth there might be very few who get across the 3rd page even. The whole point is that the content must be optimized to appear on the very first page of the search result to relevant query.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is performed by SEO agencies or as part of digital marketing or even by professionally qualified freelancers. Food blogs are among the most successful of blogs if done right. Food is one place everyone goes to. Food blogs are useful to all those experienced and inexperienced ladies and even men out there. People look up variety and even first timers find it easy to browse through the internet for easy to follow and easy to cook recipes. Bloggers in Chennai can seek seo services in Chennai to make your blog seo friendly. Bloggers have realized the importance to make their content SEO friendly. The seo friendly food blogs stand a greater chance of improved visibility.

Food bloggers too must consider seo of their pages to compete against other similar blogs. While content is prime, its structure is equally important. Food blogs requires a lot of detail and instruction. A well structured content is sure to be identified easily by search engines. There must be clear and definite structure for all contents in the blog. Study the structure and content of popular recipe blogs, learn their pattern and know how you can do it right. There is no need to duplicate the other recipe sites, but learn from them in order to identify how you can do it better in your own unique style. Presentation is extremely important, remember the searcher cannot taste your recipe, but your instructions must be supported with suitable and mouth-watering images to engage the searcher.
The structure and style of recipes on the blog must be consistent, mirror good quality recipe sites and your blog stands a chance of being ranked highly by search engines. Hire SEO professionals to help optimize your page for search engine visibility while you can take your time to create and explore recipes to mesmerize the palate. Here is how you can help yourselves and how the SEO professional can do a better job of your content.
1. Maintain Consistency: Be consistent with titles, meta title, meta description and title tags. If this has confused you, it only means that the title of the blog and the name of the recipe must coincide and it must also be mentioned in the meta description and title tags. Be consistent with the structure of the content. For example if you follow subtitles like materials, method, instructions and recommendations, follow the same structure for all recipes, this pleases the search engine. Maintain consistency with heading styles throughout all contents. Headings or titles are either
2. HTML: It would be best to HTML list elements rather than keep the content free flowing. Using bullets and numbering for lists and instructions is a great way to keep the content orderly and neat rather than clumsy. These have a higher ranking in search engines.
3. One recipe per page: It is as simply put as that. It is best not to clutter a page with more than one recipe. This saves space for targeted ads to your benefit and it also makes the search engines index more than one URL which is great to direct traffic to the site.
4. No HTML for sub-recipes: There are recipes that require sub-recipes such as sauces or garnishing. It is best to use simple headers rather than HTML listing for the sub-recipes. This will ensure that the search engine identifies your recipe as well categorized and makes it visible.
5. Limited Words: Those looking for recipes are looking for clear, step by step instructions; there is no need for unnecessary descriptions. While you limit your words, take care to use keyword rich content. Appropriate keywords are most essential to be found as relevant to queries on search engines.
6. Meta descriptions: Visibility and traffic to your site greatly depend on your meta description of the recipe. Keep it keyword rich and limited to 30 words. It is the description that appears below the title tags in search results.
7. Photos: There is no need to explain this essential component of food blog content. A pleasing and mouth-watering picture of the finished dish linked to the name of the recipe is most appealing. Anyone who is experimenting with a dish would love to anticipate what the dish looks like once it is made. The title of the post and the photo must be the same to make search easy and more relevant.

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