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Geriatric Health Care through Diet and Physical Fitness Aiming at Overall Health

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Lifestyle and genetic make-up are major factors that determine overall health of an individual. Environmental factors too can play a major role. There are several things to learn from developed countries whose individuals enjoy longevity. Stable economy, along with a healthy diet and physical activities has a positive impact on fitness while ageing. A healthy diet provides essential nutrients for the body and physical activities keep the body functional. Physical activities help prevent obesity. Retirement homes in Chennai provide many facilities which help to improve the lives of elderly people. Please check the below link for firther information

Most elders have medical insurance which also covers periodical general check up. One must use this to their advantage. A regular check up can avoid serious health complications by early detecting of symptoms and early diagnosis. The individual’s family history in itself can provide useful information on possible health conditions and how to prevent it altogether or to slow its incidence. With advances in science it is possible to monitor blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels at home. Any abnormality must immediately be checked.
The elders must consult a nutritionist to plan a proper diet to be followed. A nutritionist can help customize a diet suitable to individual needs based on physique and health conditions. Heart diseases, obesity, diabetes mellitus, abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol levels and certain cancers can be prevented or atleast controlled by following a fixed diet.
Certain tips to follow for a healthy living:
Quit smoking and excessive drinking
Replace proteins from meat with pulses and other protein rich source.
Include omega-3 rich foods such as fishes, walnut, flax seed oil, wheat germ, milk, soyabeans, cauliflower, eggs, spinach
Include antioxidant containing components like carrots, tea, citrus fruits, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, red grapes
Dietary fibres from cereals, apples, leafy vegetables, beans
Take care to include sources of potassium, zinc and selenium
Calcium from milk, milk products and non-dairy products
Control intake of sodium and excess fats
Drink plenty of water
Proteins help repair worn out tissues and cells. Omega -3 fatty acids help improve memory and slow degenerative diseases. Antioxidants help prevent cancers. Dietary fibres prevent constipation. Calcium is especially essential for women to prevent osteoporosis. It is essential for both men and women to maintain bone health. Vitamins and minerals are essential for regular metabolic activities of the body. Plan a diet only after proper consultation with a doctor or dietician. Some foods can lead to serious health issues in suffering individuals.
exercisesAll the healthy diet being discussed, it is difficult to get the elders to eat properly, due to various reasons. Either the food might taste bland, lack of hunger, mental suffering, indigestion and fatigue. They must be treated like children, with variety. Vegetables can be served in the form of soup, without cream or thickening agents. Fruits can be beaten to a colourful smoothie. Prefer steamed or baked items to oily foods. It is recommended to break the 3 main meals into smaller portions of six to seven meals. Elders will find it easier to have smaller portion of meals at regular intervals rather than have a single large meal.
Physical activities can do a lot of good to the overall health of an individual. Good exercise releases the feel good hormone, oxytocin. It is also recommended for those suffering arthritis, but they must not overso themselves. Physical exercise may involve brisk walking, jogging (if health permits), yoga, aerobics and water aerobics. Research suggests that dancing along with being a physical exercise also enhances memory. Laughter is the best medicine too often have we heard it. A laughter club can help individuals enjoy a good laugh along with socializing.
Travel while you can. There is almost nothing that can compare to seeing a new place. Travelling in old age can be very challenging and may not even be recommended. Look for seniors friendly travel spots with not much climbing or walking to do.
Healthy social interactions also boost physical and mental health. Calling friends over for board games such as chess, caroms, Chinese checkers, crossword puzzles, monopoly, and card games can enhance brain activity and mental health. Friends can meet over tea for light discussions. Forming hobby groups would be a great way of socializing, learning something new and getting better at what you were always interested in. Painting, glass painting, patch work, quilt making, gardening, reading clubs, recycling, writing, adult colouring books, meditation, letter writing, origami and music are few of the activities one can be involved in without stress. Being in a group of likeminded people can be a great source of inspiration.

Encourage positive thoughts, surround elders with family and friends, encourage interaction between elders and grandchildren. A healthy environment in itself can be a great balm to ageing souls. Nowadays with both husband and wife working and seeking financial stability, elderly parents might be left home alone while they are away at work. Elders can be enrolled for home care or day care programs, where they can find other individuals like themselves and involve in social activities. Care finder can help find such active and healthy environment for elders in Chennai, while other family members are at work. Retirement homes in Chennai and home care services in Chennai can help take care of overall health of elders. Retirement communities can help elders find friends and involve in activities on a daily basis. You can find more information at Home care services can offer trained individuals to look after both physical and mental health of seniors.

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